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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Tactical Operation Logs

D Company Tactical Operation Logs

Tactical Operation Logs

A complete list of all 700+ incidents that D Company was involved in during it's tour in Vietnam was cataloged in an interactive Google Map back in 2017 with the help of, Charles Dupuy, Bill Doyle, Lynn Baker & Dennis Ashe.

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For your convenience all documents shown below are stored on Dropbox for you to download.

Please Note this statement from Les Hines concerning the NDP (Night Defensive Positions) Locations: "Since the Americal Division Tactical Operations reports were missing many of the D 1/6th NDP locations in early 1968.  I went through the S2/S3 entries for locations for the dates that were missing the NDP locations.  If I found a location recorded for D 1/6th Inf. Bn. activity I entered this for a D 1/6th location.  These locations are in blue text.  The reason for the lack of NDP locations in February 1968 was that D 1/6th was attached to the 3rd brigade of the 4th Infantry Division, and then attached to the 196th LIB. The controlling units apparently did not report the NDP locations for the attached D 1/6th Inf. Bn. to the Division.  In working through the material I was surprised to see that D 1/6th Inf. Bn. had been out to LZ West (further west than I had expected)."

Americal Division Tactical Operation Center reported NDP Locations Spreadsheet

For the year 1969 we currently only have June 5th, 1969 & Dec. 3rd, 1969 TOC Logs.  Then for 1970 we only have the July - December 1970 TOC Logs.  Americal Historian, Les Hines is still working on getting other info from the National Archives.

  • Jun. 1969
  • Dec. 1969
  • Jul. 1970
  • Aug. 1970
  • Sep. 1970
  • Oct. 1970
  • Nov. 1970
  • Dec. 1970

1968 NDP Map

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1968 NDP Map



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