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Friday, June 14, 2024

Books by D Company Men

These are all books written by different men from D Company 1 Bn / 6th Inf., 198th LIB, Americal Division, Vietnam.

Letters from Vietnam - Gordon Wise

'Letters from Vietnam' - GORDON SCOTT WISE

This book was donated by John Pugh who was in 3rd Platoon with Gordon.

The family are copyright holders and state reproduction of all or any part for commercial purposes requires written permission.  This book is provided on this web site for the members of D Company and can not be used for any commercial purpose.  Efforts were made to contact the family or descendants without success.  Known members who served with Gordon were contacted and they had no contact with family members in many years.

Gordon was born August 20, 1949 in Brazil, Indiana.  At age eight his family moved to Minneapolis, MN.  After high School he worked for a year and then enrolled at University of Minnesota Fall Term in 1968.  He left college and enlisted in the Army on June 29, 1969. He took basic and Infantry AIT at Ft. Lewis, WA.  He was selected for NCO school at Ft. Benning, GA but declined.

Gordon arrived in Vietnam on January 25, 1970.  He was assigned as a clerk in the Headquarters Battalion at Cam Ranh Bay.  His buddy was Brian Swing was assigned to D Company, 1st BN 6th Inf, 198th LIB, Americal Division and this is where Gordon put in his “request for transfer”.

Gordon was assigned to 3rd Platoon, D Company on April 26, 1970.  While on a search and clear operation Gordon was wounded on August 6, 1970.  Due to complications with his wounds Gordon died on August 13, 1970 at the 27th Surgical Hospital at Chu Lai, Vietnam.

To download or read a copy of the book his family created, click this link: Letters from Vietnam

Gordon is on the Virtual Wall at


Babysan by Bill Klee

A raw account of the year Bill Klee was in Vietnam from 1969 - 1970 as part of 1Bn/6th Inf, 198 LIB, Americal Division.

Click the image below to read his story.

Babysan by Bill Klee

Books by Dale Collie, D Company Commander, first amputee allowed to stay on active duty

Books by Dale Collie

Books by Fred Leo Brown

Books by Fred Leo Brown



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